Building with timber is safe. Safe in terms of energy efficiency. Safe when it comes to earthquakes. Safe when it comes to keeping deadlines. Safe in terms of costs.

Using timber for your construction means

The advantages for you

Wood has a calming effect. Wood smells nice. Wood creates warmth.
The scent of wood has a soothing effect on humans, and wood used in construction is actually warmer than other materials used. Just give it a try and lean against a wooden wall first, then go and lean against a wall made of brick or concrete. You will immediately notice the difference! All these properties support our well-being. In addition, wood is hygroscopic and thus naturally controls the moisture in the air. Wood absorbs or releases moisture as required, and the interior climate in a wood home will be pleasant both in hot summer and on a bitterly cold winter day.

Thethermal conductivity of wood is poor. But it is exactly this property that allows for perfect thermal insulation during summer and wintertime. Wood is made up of air-filled cells, which reduce thermal conductivity. This means that a building will stay nice and cool on the inside in summer, because the heat cannot get through the walls. In winter, on the other hand, it stays nice and warm, because the heat cannot escape. As a result, wood comes with natural thermal insulation properties.

A common misconception regarding timber structures is the notion that wood is easily inflammable. Sure, wood is used as a fuel. In construction, however, wood is superior to other construction materials, because it burns very slowly and in a controlled fashion , thus withstanding fire for much longer than steel, for example. In addition, wood only burns at the surface while simultaneously forming a protective carbon layer and consequently retains its static properties.

During an earthquake, buildings are subjected to extreme forces. The heavier and more rigid a building, the more likely it is to be severely damaged when seismic forces act upon it.
In case of an earthquake,wood is at an advantage compared to other construction material, because it is relatively low-weight and not rigid but flexible, giving it the capacity to stretch and resist. A timber construction can thus absorb the loads and vibrations it is exposed to during an earthquake and compensate them thanks to wood’s flexibility and capacity to stretch out. That is why wood is the construction material of choice in earthquake-prone regions.

The situation with earthquakes in Italy during the last couple of years has proven that timber constructions are safe. None of the structures built by Rubner were damaged by those earthquakes.

Wood is modern and timeless. People have built homes and structures from wood for thousands of years, up in the mountains, by the seaside, in large cities, and out in the countryside. The well-known timber-frame buildings known as Fachwerk style have been around for more than 300 years now, just like old farms that have seen many generations come and go.

Properly processed and used in construction, wood as a construction material is highly durable, and there is no need to worry aboutthe stability of a wood home in the long run.
And a wood home can be altered and redecorated time and again over the course of the years. You can expand or add storeys at any time, and a timber structure does not necessarily have to look like one. Timber walls can also be plastered, and wood can be combined with other materials. Just the way you like it!

When building a home today, you should also think of the generations of tomorrow.
Again, wood has many benefits when it comes to demolishing or taking down a building. Hardly any other material can be disposed of in such an eco-friendly fashion and be as easilyreused and turned into new products. The timber may even be used for new buildings. On top of that, all materials used for Rubner buildings are natural. Rubner Haus, for example, uses cork or soft wood fibre as insulating material, which is naturally degradable

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Building with Rubner means

The Advantages for You

Some might think that wood as a construction material and the level of prefabrication at the factory would restrict your options when planning your home. They are wrong. Architects and engineers are totally free in their planning and design and can customise private homes or more complex buildings to make them any way they want. The technical staff at Rubner assist them in finding the perfect solution for all architectural details. And rest assured: They are going to find one!

Thanks to the high level of prefabrication at their factories at Rubner Haus and Rubner Ingenieurholzbau, all elements required for construction can be produced inside. Rubner constructions can thus move forward in any weather and at any temperature. This allows for precise scheduling of planning and delivery as well as short assembly times. The perfect solution if you like to get your construction going fast.

Thanks to a detailed planning stage, where we work closely with our customers, all Rubner companies can exactly calculate the costs for a specific construction project. Our customers receive a quote with a fixed price including all services offered by Rubner. No nasty surprises for you during construction or on your final bill. We guarantee cost certainty, i. e., the price that you signed for on your quote.

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