Timber construction

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Wood, construction material of the 21st century

Ever since human beings started inhabiting Earth, we have continuously strived to improve our living conditions. Research into new and better materials has always played a key role in doing so. Funnily enough, we have never quite succeeded in developing a material that comes even close to being as versatile as wood.

Wood is the material of choice for premium living quality. That is not only true for human health, our ability to focus, or our performance, but also when it comes to issues related to energy transition and climate change.

Peter Rubner

“Building new structures means taking responsibility for our future. Wood, the construction material of the 21st century.”

Peter Rubner, President Ruber Group

The Rubner value chain

From a tree to turnkey constructions

Only when using wood as a construction material will we be able to change from our current throwaway society to a truly circular economy where we can reuse any kind of material just like in nature. Wood allows us to create a no-waste, closed-loop economy. Our own saw mills in Styria, Austria, and South Tyrol, Italy, are the very basis for a truly unique value chain in wood construction that we are a part of – every step of the way.

Blick über Baumstamm hinauf zur Baumkrone

Timber construction

A material that has been around for thousands of years

In the mid-2000s, researchers in Sweden found spruce trees between Lapland and Dalarna that were approx. 9,600 years old. That is really hard for us to imagine. These trees sprouted during a time when mankind was still living in the Stone Age. The trees have weathered extreme changes in climate. During the last 10,000 years, temperatures have fallen considerably. Researcher hope that these rugged spruce trees will allow for new insights into the mechanism of climate change. But there is no doubt: Wood is the true champion of versatility.

The advantages of using wood for construction

A unique construction material

Comfortable indoor climate

Protection from heat and cold

Stability in case of a fire

Safety in the event of an earthquake

Wood is durable

Wood can be recycled