Wood and woodwind

Rehearsal room

They had a dream of a comfortable, eco-friendly rehearsal room. That dream came true for the Castelrotto band.

Harmony was a top priority from the start. Well-equipped in terms of musical technology, the building was designed with special regard to noise insulation, air quality, and the use of sustainable materials.

Another goal was to keep its “KlimaHaus Nature A” classification. The solid timber construction method by holzius made sure of that. The timber elements of this system are produced without the use of chemical agents or heat treatment. The wood used in production comes exclusively from PEFC-certified forests and is processed entirely without the use of glue or nails.

This construction system not only saves on energy and resources but also creates a consistently ecological, healthy living space.


- Rubner Objektbau -

Project details

Contractor Castelrotto band, South Tyrol IT

Location Castelrotto, South Tyrol IT

Architecture Kerschbaumer Pichler & Partner, Bressanone IT

Building volume 2,458 m³

Turnkey construction time 210 days