The sea, from every point of view

Project Liguria

Imagine that you can watch the sea every day, at any time you want, from any space in your home. This was exactly the desire of the owners of this wonderful house located in a village in the Ligurian hinterland, a place full of charm that can be reached by crossing paths and narrow streets. From these heights you can enjoy a gorgeous view, which includes a delightful fishing village and, of course, the sea.

The two owners, Marco and Leony, have chosen Rubner Haus to make their dream come true, considering wood as the perfect material to adapt to such an environment, between the sea and the mountains. The result is a building with simple, symmetrical lines, in constant balance between horizontal development, stretching towards the sea, and verticality.


A regular, sober and modern architectural trend, which is enriched by furnishings and objects from the 40s and 50s, Art Nouveau pieces, nineteenth-century furniture, photographs, ceramics: a creative flow that gives personality and temperament to the structure, in a crossroads of eras and styles that alternate blending perfectly in every space.

An atmosphere of openness, welcoming, a style as flexible as ceramic, with which Leony, the owner, works, and at the same time stable and healthy like the wood with which the house is built. And looking at it, this extraordinary house almost looks like a boat, about to shove off aiming at an infinite horizon.

Project details

Location Celle Ligure, Savona, Northern Italy

Architecture Geom. Paolo Minuto

Living space 120m²

Construction system Casablanca

"It is true that the best results are achieved with harmonious teamwork. That's how it was for us - my husband Marco and I, my sister Piera, my brother-in-law Paolo together with the team of Rubner Haus: this house is beautiful because it is the fruit of many minds, many hands, many looks."


Leony and Marco, owner