Modular buildings in the Stuttgart area, DE

2 Social Housing in Alb Street

The town of Neuhausen auf den Fildern is located near Stuttgart, in the state of Baden-Württemberg, and has approximately 11,500 inhabitants.

Like the vast majority of urban areas in Germany, here there is a continually rising demand for new housing that is efficient, modular and regulated. For this reason, the municipality has decided to build two modular buildings: “House 1” and “House 2”. Their architectural concept harkens back to a project that Rubner Objektbau developed in 2016 and built in the German city of Göttingen. The buildings – one of which has two floors and the other three – have a central staircase that divides them into two distinct architectural units. Exposed wooden ceilings enhances the functional structures, associated with a well-kept and hospitable environment, lending the rooms a very welcoming feel. The apartments have been designed for large families; for this reason, their internal layout allows for each unit to have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a large open living area.

Project details

Contractor Gemeinde Neuhausen a.d. Fildern, DE

Architecture Stöckle Marc, DE

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