Metro of the Business Center of Naples

Europe's largest wooden construction site for the covering structure

In Naples, Rubner Holzbau Sud is the protagonist of Europe's largest wooden construction site for the covering structure of the Metro station of the Business District.

Project details

Architecture EMBT Barcelona: Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue

Roof construction 5825 m², 761 m² of which glazed

Glued laminated timber 2120 m³

Iron compounds 124 tons

70 % works completed

Construction work on the new underground station in Naples

The Metro of the Business District is a 1-line station of the Naples Metro, already known as the City Station. The station was designed by the EMBT studio, by the architects Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue and will serve the business center of Naples, home to many public offices.

With its 5825 m² of covered area, 761 of which are fixtures, the laminated wood structure for station coverage is now 70% completed.

Assembly works of the roof construction

Insight into the assembly work of the roofed structure with a view of the business centre

The wooden structure consists of:

  • Main lattice structure made up of curved beams, arches and straight beams in the transverse direction and in longitudinal direction by double straight rails with slabs. Valance beams close the roof on the sides;
  • pillars with glulam arrows according to different types. Generally, these pillars consist of 2 single bolts to support the quay beams and of 2 pairs of lightning bolts spaced apart by girders to support the curved beams. All the lightning bolts are connected to the base of the steel pillar embedded in reinforced concrete;
  • secondary structure is made up of purlins resting on the main beams and exiting as a cantilever beyond the perimeter beams;
  • 4 structures called "Skylights" containing glazed windows interposed between the main structures. Two skylights are flush and continue following the profile of the roof, the other two skylights emerge and reach the maximum height of the structure of about 22 meters;
  • Structural and upwinding roof package consisting of straight and curved X-Lam panels.