BBZ Sulingen (GER)

transparent timber-glass façade

New construction of the vocational training centre in Sulingen (GER) impresses with bright glass facades in transom-mullion construction

The Dr. Jürgen Ulderup vocational training centre in the Diepholz district of Germany has been offering its training courses in the new BBZ Sulingen since summer 2017. Up to 700 vocational school students with 40 teachers use the transparent new building with the central stair foyer.

Project details

Location Sulingen (GER)

Completion 2017

Customer rural district of Diepolz

Architecture BKS Architekten, Lübbecke (GER)

Structural engineering Ahrlich + Partner, Weyhe (GER)

Transom-mullion-façade 1,200 m²

learning on the "island"

The building is located like an "island" in the shape of an ellipse in the exterior area surrounded by old oak trees.

A lot of light and a lot of glass, combined with a lot of functionality, are the characteristic factors of the new building.

Around 1,200 m² of timber transom-mullion façade complete the transparent building envelope. Rubner Holzbau was responsible for the factory planning, production, transport and assembly.

fit for work

In these vocational schools, prospective retail, wholesale and foreign trade merchants as well as prospective farmers, gardeners, shoe manufacturers, animal keepers and salespeople are prepared for a national and international working environment.

The vocational entry school uses the new building as well as the vocational schools for business, agriculture and nursing assistance such as geriatric care and curative education.