Air Cargo Center, Vienna (AT)

Infrastructural building at the Vienna international airport

wide-span glulam-structures allow flexible utilisation at the Air-Cargo-Center.

With its supporting structure- made of long-span, glued laminated timber beams - the current and already concluded expansion of the Air-Cargo-Centre at the Vienna International Airport provides for flexible and
generous operating optionsof the building. The concept, which initially was based on a mere steel construction, was gradually changed and finally turned into a timber-hybrid concept elaborated in collaboration with the company Granit. For the construction of the hall, which features outside dimensions of 210 x 75 m and a height of 9 m, Rubner Holzbau produced some 13,000 m² of in-house prefabricated roof elements out of which some 1,000 m² were assembled per day.

The supporting structure of the ridged roof is composed of 850 m³ of glued laminated timber. The roof structure was additionally equipped with a leak detection system installed in the roof gutter section. This surface-covering detection system provides complete and non-destructive humidity control for the entire roof surface.

Project details

Location Vienna (AT)

Completion 2018

Architecture ATP architekten ingenieure, Vienna(AT)

Owner Flughafen Wien AG, Vienna(AT)

General Contractor Bauunternehmung Granit, Graz (AT)

Glulam 850 m³

Roof elements 13.000 m²

Why timber scores with infrastructural buildings

Given the dynamic growth inthe field of air traffic, many  airports are forced to expand their infrastructure capacities to prevent bottlenecks and to secure development opportunities.

Only recently, Terminal 2 of the Mactan Cebu International Airport on the Philippines was brought into operation being the first airport building in Asia whose supporting and roof structure have been entirely made from timber.  Rubner Holzbau has been responsible for all timber engineering works, including fabrication, transport and assembly of all building elements.

In the scope of the Vienna International Airport construction project, the company has also been able to repeatedly proof its specific know-how and expertise in the airport sector. Terminal 3 with pier and gates was executed by a glued laminated timber supporting construction and prefabricated roof elements from Rubner Holzbau. The complex of the West Municipal Centre of the Vienna International Airport comprises winter service and maintenance halls and a two-storey office wing. This construction also captivated the jury of the Lower Austrian Timber Construction Award. The structure was described as “convincing use of long-span timber supporting structures in hall construction“.