Visual arts in the world of doors Bolzano: Manuel Egger


"I want to create enthusiasm.
I find my inspiration in the South Tyrolean mountains.
In nature.
Energy and passion".

Manuel Egger

Rubner Türen gives young South Tyrolean artists the opportunity to present their works in the showroom Rubner Türenwelt Bolzano. In the summer of 2019, sculptures by artist Manuel Egger will be on display.

Manuel Egger, 31 years young, comes from Unterplatten / Renon. He was and is often in the mountains. Thereby the artist retrieves naturally weathered mountain woods, brings them into the valley with his own hands and refines them into imaginative, lively sculptures and pieces of furniture. It is in the nature of things that the raw pieces, some of which are decades old and exposed to wind and weather, are unique. Over 100 remarkable works of art have been created in this way.

Egger himself is an autodidact in the best sense of the word with his own ideas and working methods - in accordance with the unique material he works on. In the meantime, his hobby has become a true vocation alongside his main activity. The children of his imagination can be seen in the Rubner World of doors showroom Bolzano from now until the end of October during the opening hours - of course with free admission.

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