SOPHIA, the house of future.


in collaboration with the italian university Roma Tre

It’s an innovative project, a space of inspiration, research and experimentation: it’s SOPHIA, Sustainability of Preassembled Highly Innovative Architecture, the house of future.

Born in cooperation with University of Roma Tre, SOPHIA is a groundbreaking project, that combines all the benefits of wood to cutting edge technology. Techniques and materials aim to reach the highest sustainability in matter of caulking, thermal insulation and exposure to natural light, providing the best living quality with less power consumption in the interiors.

Previewed at Klimahouse 2020, the house of future will be built in Rubner’s exhibition area in Kiens. On the ground floor, SOPHIA will be flooded with natural light, with a learning space about sustainable materials and technologies and a conference area. Going upstairs you’ll be able to see first-hand the house of future, in all its splendor: the first floor has been furnished with the highest standards, thanks to the cooperation with leading companies such as Samsung, Minotti, Gessi, Artemide, Incontra e Kvadrat.