Rubner News Haus: a special newsstand for Milan


Sustainable, social, comfortable and multifunctional, the newsstand of the future by Rubner Haus

Compact at night, comfortable and multifunctional during the day and completely in wood: the innovative newsstand by Rubner Haus designed by ABC - Architects Barban Cappellari, in Vicenza, Northeast Italy, is the contemporary evolution of the newspaper kiosk. A welcoming space, designed to meet the needs of the newsagent, environmentally friendly and respectful of the life quality of those who manage it, at the same time a crossroads for the sociability of the entire community.

The new newsstand, which will be inaugurated on October 1​st, is a tribute from Rubner Haus to Omar Decimati, owner of the old kiosk, and more generally to the city of Milan as a proof of a restart after a difficult period and as an example of excellence in housing quality to which urban architecture can tend starting from micro-receptivity structures.

Konzept und Projekt

A newsstand for Milan

A newsstand for Milan

Rubner News Haus

Inspired by the shape of the hut, as a primordial refuge and basic structure of the architecture, the new aedicule of Rubner Haus is made entirely of wood and has a double conformation: at night, closed, it assumes a compact appearance, with borders and profiles in colored steel. anthracite and visible parts in varnished wood; by day, thanks to some movable elements, it takes on the iconic sloping shape that makes the space inside the passenger compartment more practical and functional.

"Building in wood means respecting the environment"

Deborah Zani, CEO Rubner Haus

«Today there is a lot of talk about urban regeneration as a tool to give back to the community assets that positively affect the values ​​of social inclusion and integration – underlines Deborah Zani, CEO of Rubner Haus – The newsstand as a place without doors or windows, usually overlooking a square or an intersection, is an emblematic space for exchanges and relationships.


Thinking about what the 21st century newsstand should be like has prompted us to think about three key concepts: environmental sustainability, sustainability of living and ethical-cultural sustainability that find a common denominator in the most sustainable building material, wood. Building in wood means respecting the environment, ensuring high levels of comfort as well as low energy consumption, giving back to the community a self-healing asset that is naturally grafted into the urban structure and social relations».

The pedestrian area, and consequently the adjacent context, gain greater value in the presence of this element, which is functional for the activity it hosts and, at the same time, perfectly integrated into the urban context in terms of materials, shapes and colors.



Architects Flavio Barban & Nicola Cappellari, Abc

Newsstands, an identity to be redefined

The first eco-sostainible newsstand for Milan

The crisis of newspapers and print media in general has overwhelmed the publishing industry forcing many newsstands to close. Those that remain are looking for a way to reinvent themselves: some of them started selling games, DVDs and stickers, others focused on community services, little errands, such as going to collect clothes from the laundry or take the shopping home. The outbreak of the pandemic has brought to light the importance of neighborhood micro-activities, including newsstands, confirming it as a point of reference.