Houseboat by Lucio Micheletti in collaboration with Rubner Haus at Fuorisalone from 4th to 12th september 2021

In Houseboat, a wooden architecture lies light and essential in a corner of the cloister with which it enters into conversation on tiptoe, respectfully linking itself to the old Roman walls as if they were a waterway. Resting on a platform, it creates a large open-air living area that leads to the pier where the boat, a 1:1 scale mock-up of Zagato designed by Micheletti + Partners, is housed. Almost out of sight, the small blue tower creates a two-level a living space on two levels that continuously dialogues with the outside to evoke the pleasure of being outdoors and to remember how the fragile balance of nature can be preserved only by living in harmony with it. Sofas, tables and kitchen are accessories that are free to find their place in a space that lives and breathes and is constantly transformed.