Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Rubner products


Multiple confirmations for the functional and technical features of Rubner wood products as concerns environmental performance.

The Environmental Product Declaration issued by the Berliner Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. communicates ecological and social features in sustainable construction. During the BAU 2019 trade fair, the President of Rubner-Holding, Peter Rubner, accepted the five EPDs awarded to Rubner for structural timber, glued laminated timber, and cross laminated timber by Rubner Holding SpA, solid wood panels by Nordpan SpA, and solid wood elements by holzius Srl. These latter products are to be found in new-built homes in Val Senales (South Tyrol), while Rubner’s glue-laminated wood, cross-laminated wood and structural wood have been used in the Kitzbühel shopping mall.

Keimling der gerade in den Boden gesetzt wird

“We design and build in harmony with nature, with a careful eye to life cycle assessment. Additionally, we regularly have independent experts check our contribution to climate protection by reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Peter Rubner, President Rubner Holding AG

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), based on international standards, represents an important database for sustainable building, and illustrates environmental performance levels in a transparent and impartial manner. The EPD describes building materials, building products and building components in relation to their effects on the environment in terms of life cycle assessment, as well as their functional and technical features. In this way, duly verified quantitative information are put in relation with the entire life cycle of the product used in construction, so that a valid foundation is created for assessing sustainability in buildings.

This global vision of the entire chain of value concerning wood production makes it possible to fully represent the relevant environmental potential in terms of sustainable development. Thanks to the excellent collaboration created, it was possible to generate very high-quality data, as pointed out during the independent audit of the results. The Viennese company Daxner & Merl GmbH, specialised in environmental consulting and sustainable construction took care of all the calculations and data collecting on Rubner’s behalf. 

EPD für Rubner Brettschichtholz
(v.l.) Dr. Alexander Röder, Hans Peters, Peter Rubner, Karin Goller, Therese Daxner

"The publication of the EPDs is a step towards communicating the life cycle assessment of RUBNER products by means of numerical facts. The overall view of the value chain of wood production makes it possible to present the environmental potential."

Therese Daxner, Daxner & Merl GmbH

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