Carpentry apprenticeship at Rubner

Just finished school?

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Join the future!

Just finished school?

We offer a dedicated apprenticeship model tailored to Matura graduates: specialised, post-matura training for carpentry combined with a continuing education programme.
All you need to join this program is to be a graduate of a five-year Oberschule (upper secondary school) programme and have a passion for wood.

Our apprenticeship programme comprises three levels.

Three years to become a journeyman carpenter

Level 1

During the first three years, apprentices go to school for 5 weeks in a row (known as block instruction) at the Bruneck Vocational School. When you are not at school, you will accompany our team on their assembly tours during the first year of your apprenticeship. Starting in Year 2, you will be rotated between our internal departments including technical office, technical sales, and production.

Duration of apprenticeship: 3 years (compulsory) including 600 apprenticeship hours
Start of apprenticeship: January 2019 (we hire as early as July 2018)
Title: Geselle Zimmerer (journeyman carpenter)

Insights in our production

Two years to become a Zimmerer-Meister (master craftsman in carpentry)

Level 2

During the following two years, you can choose from the following fields for continuing education at Rubner: Assembly, production, technical sales, technical office, and project management.
If you choose assembly or production, you can decide whether you want to pursue master craftsman training (Meisterausbildung) or expand your expertise in the field by attending individual seminars and trainings. Technical sales, technical office, and project management run their own dedicated continuing education program.  

Duration of training: 2 years (non-compulsory)
Title: Meister Zimmerer (master craftsman in carpentry) or zertifizierte Fachkraft (certified expert)

Meeting in the technical office

Your career at Rubner

Level 3

After completing your individual training at Rubner, there are plenty of options to choose from.

You can either attend continuing education programs in your field or dedicated management programmes, and we will support the development of your skills by offering tailored trainings and courses.

As one of our experts or managers, you play a key role in our company and significantly contribute to shaping our joint future.

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