What we offer for our employees

Rubner as an employer

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Our employees are important to us

Work for Rubner

We spend most of the time in our lives at work. That is why it is especially important for us as an employer to make our staff feel at home while at work.

A company needs employees.. And employees need a company.

Hermann Rubner knew that back in the day, and the current generation of owners including Peter, Stefan, Joachim, and Alfred Rubner share this view, too.

Step by step

Great opportunities for continuing education and development

Our employees matter to us. That is why we offer them the opportunity to build their expertise and their careers. Together, we develop a plan for the future of each and every one of our employees within our company. This gives everyone the chance to advance their career and earn fringe benefits including a company phone, a company laptop computer, or a company car.

Healthy workplace

A healthy working environment is important to us

Keeping our employees healthy is crucial for our joint success. This is why their well-being is especially important to us. A health fund complementing national health insurance provides services for all our employees at our South Tyrol locations, and our staff can claim a refund for parts of the costs of check-ups, dental appointments, and various private treatments. In addition, we provide fresh fruit and free water.
And we also want to keep our environment healthy. All our sites are perfectly accessible by public transport to make it easy for our staff to get to work by bus or train.

We are Rubner!

Team spirit and team work

Team spirit and team work play a crucial role for our everyday life on the job. To this end, we offer our employees several events throughout the year. Friday night after-work aperitifs, the Rubner Bike Day, or our Christmas Party: we focus on team building and make it easy for our employees to stay in touch.
The "Rubner News" staff paper keeps all our employees up to date with what is going on inside the company.