Your career path at Rubner

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Your career path at Rubner

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Rubner is a traditional family-owned company securing its position in international competition thanks to its special group structure. Rubner offers job security, a multifaceted working environment, and diverse job perspectives to young and experienced employees alike.

Work at Rubner is defined by the company’s home-grown culture reflected in all aspects of on-the-job development, continuing education, and networking events.

Rubner careers

Apprenticeship at Rubner

Even during vocational training, you are already a valuable member of our team who contributes to our company objectives.

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Rubner integrated degree

Going to uni while gathering experience on the job in timber construction: the ideal stepstone for your future career in one of our companies.

Rubner graduates

Are you passionate about wood? Make your career plans come true with us and gather experience and further advance your career after graduation in a global environment.

Field specialists and management

We open up a career as a field specialist or member of management for you There are various options and opportunities to assume more responsible job roles in one of our associated companies to kick-start your career.