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Yes, everything posted in the Current job openings section is currently available. Feel free to apply for any of the job openings posted there, even if it is dated a while ago. That means that we have not yet found a suitable candidate for this role, so what about you?

Yes. Please use our online application form to send us your application online. If you would like to apply for one of our job openings, please click Apply now next to the job posted. This will bring up the application form. You can fill in your information and upload a resume and other related documents.

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We are happy to receive and review unsolicited applications. Just click Applications in the menu and use the form to fill in your information and upload your resume and other related documents. Next, click Send Application, and your unsolicited application will be sent to us. Your application will be directly sent to the Rubner Holding AG Recruiting department and either passed on in accordance with the privacy policy settings you chose or otherwise deleted after a certain period of time. Once you have filled in and sent the form, you will receive an automatic reply from Rubner confirming receipt of your documents. Next, we will get in touch with you.

Please be a little patient; we have a large number of unsolicited applications coming in at any given time, so it may take us a while to reach out to you.

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Most important of all: a CV containing all the relevant information and a motivational letter that really gets to us. You may also send your certificates, diplomas, or awards and distinctions with your application. To make sure your application can be sent properly, do not attach more than 10 MB.

Once the deadline for applications (normally two to three weeks) is over, all applications are reviewed. After another two weeks at the latest, you will hear back from us.

You don’t need to bring anything with you for your interview. It is important to be on time, though.

The interview will normally be held at the site of the company you applied for. You will receive all relevant details along with your invitation for the interview.

If you are interested in a summer job or an internship at Rubner, you can send us an unsolicited application at any time.
We usually post available summer jobs in March/April. You can do internships at Rubner throughout the year.